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Zodiac Gems Part-1

October 24, 2009


Gemstones have a direct effect on our lives and luck, which has been scientifically proven today. Luck can mean fortune, a force that operates for good or evil. There are many forces and vibrations flowing about us all the time and these forces can be of both positive and negative energies. Thus, gems have a peculiar ability to concentrate these powers or forces on our lives. Different Zodiac Signs have different suitable Gems. To know which Gem suits your Zodiac, read the following information.

Diamond Diamond for Aries: Diamond is one of the most precious stone for every one of us. Especially, for those people who are born with Aries sign of zodiac. It is believed that if they wear diamond, they can be saved from boding evil spirits and all the effect of ominous things. Apart from this, wearing diamond can guard Aries people from diminishing anger and volatile situations.

Diamond also helps the Aries person to earn lots of friends and a partner with strong bond. The stone serves to be more giving and thoughtful. Without being diligent and firm, the diamond wearers Aries tend to promote leadership and achievement of projects. Thus, turning them to be great leaders and make good decisions.

emeraldEmerald for Taurus : Wearing Emerald helps the people with zodiac sign Taurus to find a trustworthy and true love, the kind that is associated with domestic bliss. It also encourages Taurus people to increase strength of character and reduce any negativity in life. Further, Emerald keeps the life balanced, as it is said that Taurus people do not like changes. The people of zodiac symbol Taurus has a true problem forgiving once someone is unfaithful to them. Thus, this stone can also develop patience and moderate negativity.

AgateAgate for Gemini : Agate is precious gem for the Gemini people. The gem assists the sign bearer to ground and serves the ability to pay attention to details. Wearing Agate on a regular basis can avoid the irritation of nervous tension. In addition, as it is believed, Gemini is known as the dual sun sign and Agate tends to unify this duality. Thus, the gem, Agate makes two sides of the nature to come together with comfort and ease for the Gemini sign bearing masses.

pearlsPearl for cancer : Pearl is regarded as the most ancient and the precious gem for the people with zodiac sign – Cancer. The gem serves to beautify both facial and inner soul beauty of the person wearing pearl. The individuality of cancer zodiac born is not only hard and determined, but also soft and vulnerable as well. So, wearing pearl enhances soft nature of cancer people. As the Pearl appears white and soothing, it also serves charm and luster to the cancer born ones. It also, reduces stress and enhances harmony and serenity in the life of zodiac sign of cancer.

rubyRuby for Leo : Leo is believed to be one of the strong zodiac signs. The gem Ruby is known to be precious and worthy gem for the Leo people. Ruby guards health and is thought to give the wearer powers of immortality and strength of heart. Also, other beliefs hold that the bearer is protected from the effects of witchcraft and the evil wishes of others. The bearer of Ruby is said to be safe from venom. Thus, wearing Ruby gives the bearer the power to make peace with ones enemies.

Red-Jasper-StonesRed Jasper for Virgo : Red Jasper is one of the strong protection gemstones for the Virgo zodiac sign bearing people. The gem is commonly worn by the people to keep themselves away from emotional stress and nightmares. Red Jasper stands strong against all the effective ill powers, which are hurdle in the life of Virgo people. Also, it reduces the impact of negative energy and enhances beneficial energy.

These were the first six zodiac signs. To know about more zodiac signs, keep reading…

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Zodiac Stones

September 25, 2009

Zodiac Stones

Since the ancient period, stones are thought to be of extraterrestrial origin, which lead to the belief that they possessed magical powers. Thus, it is believed by many that the control of the planets over human luck is improved by wearing the stone suitable to the planet or concerned zodiac sign. The following Zodiac Stones are well thought to be the most frequently accepted stones:

AriesAries – Bloodstone : Assumed to be a very magical stone, Bloodstone is credited with special powers as the red spots were thought to be the blood of Jesus Christ. It is believed to be proficient to stop hemorrhages with the merest touch. Bloodstone helps in relieving abdomen and bowel pain. It reinforces blood decontaminated organs and develops blood circulation. Bloodstone also has an affirmative influence on a bladder.

TaurusTaurus – Rose Quartz : Rose quartz is an admirable heart-healing precious stone. Rose quartz is pink in color crystal that holds a very gentle and calming energy and gives comfort to anyone whose heart has been offended. It is a nature medication that can be used for treating any issue that desires emotional healing. Rose Quartz relieves healing of blood circulation, heart fortification, depression, sexual problems and promotes fertility. It is also thought to stop wrinkles and gives a beautiful facial appearance.

GeminiGemini – Green Aventurine : Green aventurine quartz is believed to relieve nervousness and calm one’s emotions, to bring prospect, to give good luck in gaming, and to enhance one’s creativity and management qualities. Green aventurine quartz is also believed to have been used effectively in psychotherapy, treating disorders of the heart and lungs, and to help enlarge muscle flexibility. It increases intelligence, opportunities and motivation. It is a prosperous stone.

CancerCancer – Cat’s Eye :

Cat’s Eye stones power is over education and emotions. It’s wearing eliminates physical weakness and mental worries. If the stone acts favorably, it makes one a prosperous person. Wearing of a Cat’s Eye gives joyfulness with respect to children and makes the wearer affluent. Cat’s Eye is a quick performing gemstone Your browser may not support display of this image.

and should only be worn after testing because a stained stone proves harmful.

LeoLeo – Carnelian : Carnelian stone endorses peace and harmony. The stone chase away depression, suspicion and negative thoughts. Wearing it also strengthens the voice (good for public speaking and for singers). It calms down anger, jealousy and hatred. Used to help astronomical idea and is worn just before bed to stop nightmares. Carnelian stone protects against evil and is ideal for career improvement.

VirgeVirgo – Amazonite : Amazonite, at times known as Amazon Stone, is a gentle stone. It soothes the brain and nervous system, helps in maintaining best possible health, and also balances the manly and womanly energies. Amazonite stone relieve emotional trauma, eliminating worry and fear. Amazonite stone is favorable for osteoporosis, calcium deficiency, calcium deposits and tooth decay.  It also relieves muscle contraction.

LibraLibra – Lepidolite : Lepidolite is a calming stone, helping in times of stress and doubt, to bring on deep arousing healing.   It is admired to apply on the throat, third eye and crown chakras by clearing stumbling block and bringing cosmic responsiveness, a popular stone for planetary travel.

ScorpioScorpio – Unakite : Unakite is frequently referred to as epidotized granite. A complementary stone, Unakite is believed to help amalgamate the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of self. It also helps one to live in the present instead of residing in the past. Its calming energies also are supposed to help assure a strong reproductive system in women.

SagittariusSagittarius – Black Obsidian : Black Obsidian is mostly useful to get rid from people who try to “hook you” or attract you into their personal crisis, and pass on their draining energy to the infinite field of White Light, giving them way in to their own healing, without required to draw energy from you. If you have a lot of people, who regularly come to you for help, wearing Black Obsidian will give you an instantaneous sense of lightness and freedom that pass away these energies away from you.

CapricornCapricorn – Malachite : Malachite is a very powerful stone that keeps away hazard from the child, and is known as guard towards health. It has power to sweep off the evil outcome. The wearer is kept away from the difficult. It is a stone known for its safeguard that keeps away threat from the child. It is said that this stone is effective when in the form of pendant or the ring and obtaining it.

AquariusAquarius – Fluorite : Fluorite is useful in the treatment of mental disorders, fatigue, arthritis, for get rid of viruses and bacteria from the body, also for balancing of female hormones, strengthening of teeth and bones and controlling addictions. It is believed to have the power to intensify and develop idea, to develop memory and to strengthen analytical capacity.

PiscesPisces – Moonstone : Those who needs better concentration in studies, those who are boasting problems of marriage or mental ailments, those suffering from gynecological problems, heart disorder, mental and epilepsy ailments and for all those who cannot control tempers or get excited quickly; to minimize all the above problem Moonstone can be worn. It is useful for the general peace of mind.

Tarot Card Reading

September 17, 2009


The tarot card reading is one of the most brilliant innovations; used in fortune – telling. Regardless of all the protests of philosophers, Tarot card remains an imperative part of the world. This pack of cards is based on pictures reflecting destiny as in a mirror with manifold aspects for guidance. Tarot card is a deck of 78 cards with images and signs; combined with comprehension that reveals instincts to future. Today, the tarot cards are admired and trusted by people in all walks of life.

Predicting the future is not everybody’s game; the wish to know about future is a curiosity shared by everyone. A few are gifted with the power to see what lies ahead in the upcoming time, and they do it in their own unique styles. Just like Poonam sethi, a renowned spiritualist woman; who reads tarot cards, is noble, potent and has a gaggle of celebrity clientele. Since last two decades of immense experience and proficiency, Poonam sethi has adopted Tarot Card Reading and her profound acquaintance as an efficient medium and device that brings contentment to the clients who are willing to know about their prospective forecast.

By Tarot Card Reading, you can catch a peep into your future. If you are not certain where the focus desires to be or where to start from, then tarot card reading can assist you in every possible way through the forecast by tarot cards. We bring thought and sparkle in your life by imaginative tarot reading.


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